We Have Headed a New Direction…

Going Back in History

Rana & Samantha

We met as Super Guides at Renegade University and then were trainers together at Marketing Merge for Renegade Pro.  We  have been right where you are (or were) with the whole internet marketing thing for your home business.

Since then, we have worked with clients in diverse industries, including authors and healthcare professionals, local business owners, and ecommerce site owners.  For some, we would build their websites for them, design their logos, and get them set up on social media.  For others, we provided SEO services and ongoing social media updates.

We want you to know that you can have success, just like we did, with our own company, Sandal Marketing.  We also know that your business will grow and evolve, just like ours did.  Whereas before, we turned our knowledge and experience in working for countless local, national, and international businesses into essential training on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, among others, now we have completely changed our business structure just in time for the New Year.

Our New Business Model (That Could be Yours Too!)

Our initial tests on this new model went so well, that we decided to walk away from what we were doing so that we could jump in with both feet.

If you love what you are doing and the direction that your business is headed, then we encourage you to continue what you have started.

We also felt an obligation to let you in on what we are doing.   We are working with some of the biggest eCommerce sites on the planet (you know – Amazon, eBay, ect.) without every having to touch a single product and turning a profit.

Of course, this is NOT overnight success or a get rich quick scheme but a solid business model.  We have looked at TONS of training by tons of people but this one $20 course is better than the ones that cost $1000s of dollars (sadly we found this out the hard way).

So if you are ready for a change this Year, we invite you to take a look here: